Medieval Feast

Nothing combines solid event planning, elegance and down-home fun like a Sir Unicorn Medieval Feast. Our characters are at work delighting your guests from the moment they arrive to the awarding of the last prize. It’s an evening of highlight after highlight: from castle turrets that flank the head table to authentic banner reproductions. You’ll laugh and thrill and delight in the surprises and excitement of this spectacular theme.

One of your guests takes on the role of the Queen and still more are chosen to be royalty representing various warring duchies. There are jokes and songs and “Merrie Makings” all throughout the feast. Afterward, thrill to the Tournament of Champions as your guests try their hands at everything from Jousting to Dragon Slaying! In the end only one contestant will be crowned Champion of the Realm.

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What our clients have to say:

The evening was a total success. We noted that there were a few people actively participating that we would not ordinarily expect to join in and would like to commend you and your staff for involving as many of our guests as possible.”
Shell Canada 

“Everything from characters to decorations to games were fabulous and I received nothing but positive feedback. I was surprised by the level of participation by this group as they do not usually get involved.”